Wednesday, January 14, 2009

January's New Start

Things are always so fresh and new to me in January, it inspires new beginnings. So I choose this time to begin my new blog about two things I am very passionate about. Being creative, and also being mindful of the resources of our earth. One of my preferred methods of being creative these days comes in the form of sewing, and what I love to do is to repurpose, or refashion used clothing into new, fab creations. I like to think that maybe I've kept something from being tossed into a landfill, and that it has a new, useful purpose as fabric for me.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE going to Joann's. It's my "happy place". When I need to shut the world out, I just go and wander the aisles, soaking up all the possibilities. All the craft projects try to lure me to them, whispering, "you know you want to make me... MAKE ME!!" Um...maybe that's just me though. I wander to the yarn aisles, and just fondle the fluffy skeins. Sometimes I let out a little sigh... You know what I mean, you've done it too. So much craftiness, so little time. Anyway, I digress...

While I love to sew regardless of whether the fabric is new off the bolt, or in the form of a denim jumper size 10 (not MY size, unfortunately) hanging in a thrift store, there is a bit more of a thrill for me to realize that the denim in the too small jumper could end up as the flap and handle of a purse, or as a doggie coat or perhaps a pillow. And many times, the thrift store find costs less than the fabric would if bought new. And I adore thriftiness.

So I start this blog, to enjoy a conversation about refashioning used clothing, to bring to your attention other crafty souls that are doing the sewing green thing too, and to share my passions for being creative and recycling. I am building a website about all this as well,, and I will be posting tutorials, techniques and free patterns and ideas so we can spread the word and get more of us sewing green!



  1. Awesomness! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and creativity with the world!!